Fashion Stylist Services

1. The Closet Cleanse

Still holding on to those pants because your gonna wear them someday? Have a full closet, but feels like you have nothing to wear?  It’s time to remove the old and make space for the fresh and new! In this session we will get rid of those items that don’t fit, are faded, or just weighing you down, while also creating a personal shopping list for your new style.  From your closet, we determine what to donate, what to keep and what to alter. I will tell you how to fill in the blanks with new purchases and discuss styles that flatter your body type.

2. The Closet Shop

Have a closet full of clothes and not sure what to wear? Do you wear what I call the “uniform” always the same look ? Do you keep buying pieces that just sit in your closet because you’re not sure how to put them together? I bet great styles live in your closet, they just need a fresh perspective. let Jacqueline create outfits with the pieces you already own.  This service is such a money saver!

3. The Closet Combo

Why just go with one, when you can combine the two together!  The Closet Cleanse merged with the Shop the Closet is the perfect recipe for your entire wardrobe and life.  Joining both programs together you get a full day of total style and wardrobe revamping!

4. The Shopping Experience

This is where I take your budget, lifestyle, and store preference into consideration and help you achieve your wardrobe goals. I arrive early at each store and pre select clothing. You simply show up to a private dressing room, and try things on. During this process we also discuss how to shop and make better purchasing decisions.

5. The Occasion

Do you have an important event coming up, a big date, a wedding or birthday celebration? Perhaps a vacation planned and need some great outfit options? Set up an appointment in advance and Jacqueline will select the perfect outfit choices for you!

6. The Viral Style Session

Not living in L.A. but still want Jacqueline’s help.  The Viral is a Skype session on any and all things fashion. I talk trends, styling tricks and ideas, and I will answer any questions you have about your own style blunders.



Personal styling starting at $75/HR (3 Hour Minimum)

Please contact for more information